About VoiceDesigned

VoiceDesigned.com is the premier independent guide to voice assistants and Voice Skill Development.  We consider the value of Alexa, Siri, Google and Cortana and stay aware of their stengths.  We write about the best features and provide custom solutions through our consulting service.

I am Paul Perry, the founder of VoiceDesigned.com  I have been developing software for over a quarter century and seen lots of new technology come and go.  I was completely blown away when Alexa showed up on the FireTV, and immediately got an Echo and multiple Dots.  There is something different from the way this hands free voice assistant technology works.

I have a car which takes voice commands, but it doesn't work very well.  I don't use Siri on my phone as much as I would like to, as I find it often does not understand me (and I am native English speaker).  I love technology and there is one thing I have learned, and that is tech demos are great and fun tricks are nifty to look out.  But, when a technology does not work well in every day life, it is a waste.  In other words I was extremely unimpressed with previous voice technology available to consumers.  That has all changed now.  

VoiceDesigned.com is involved in the following areas:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Custom Voice Implementations, to help companies make their product work with voice
  • Getting the most out of voice technology
  • Training and device implementation

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