Amazon Alexa at CES 2017

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just ended and most sources are saying Amazon Alexa is the big hit of the 2017 show.  Let's take a closer look at what they are saying.

 Here is a summary:

We at VoiceDesigned know Alexa is a powerful voice assistant and are excited for voice platform to take do more and more.  Part of this is with widespread adoption.  

This year at CES all kinds of new Echo style speakers were announced from multiple manufacturers (they all use the Amazon Voice Service).  We even saw a smart alarm clock. We saw Alexa show up in televisions and in other set top boxes.  

We saw a roomba clones frrom Samsung that can now have Skills so you can control them via Alexa.  We learned about an LG refrigerator that has Alexa built in. Whirlpool announced that their washer and dryer will respond to Alexa commands.  Yet, these are not yet shipping, so it is only the future that will tell how these pan out.  It all has to do with getting the products out at the right price that people are compelled to buy.

Certainly, having a hot product at CES does not always mean you have a booming business or product niche (anybody remember 3D TV at CES 2011?).  However, the fact that so many companies see this as an opportunity could mean that we have not just an exciting year coming up, but an amazing decade of constantly moving the value proposition forward with Voice Technologies, not just from Amazon but also from Microsoft, Google and Apple.


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